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Electrical Engineering

General Services

  • Rally Electrical EngineeringPower Systems Design
  • High Voltage Transmission Line Design
  • Underground Ductbank Design
  • Remote Site Power Generation:
  • Wind / Solar Power
  • Thermal Gas/Diesel/Biodiesel Power / Cogen


Field Services

  • Field Inspection of Failed & Ailing Equipment
  • Commissioning of Large Motors, Switchgear, MCCs and Substations


Analysis and Studies

  • Arc Flash hazard Analysis and Mitigation
  • Power System Studies
  • Load Analysis and Equipment Sizing
  • Harmonic Analysis and Mitigation
  • Short Circuit Studies and Equipment Evaluation
  • Hazard Analysis and Area Classification
  • Motor Starting Analysis
  • Stability Analysis
  • Substation Grounding Studies
  • Overhead Line Sag and Tension Analysis
  • Overhead Line Aeolian Vibration Analysis
  • Underground cable Ampacity Analysis


Reliability Services

  • Trouble shooting and Retrofit of Large Existing Facilities
  • Reliability Analysis and Evaluation of Power Systems and Control Redundancies
  • Total Replacement of Relay Systems with DCS
  • Failure Element Mode Analysis (FEMA)
  • Harmonic analysis AND Mitigation
  • Replacement of Generator Excitation Systems
  • Sound Survey and Evaluation of Plant SPL and Disaster Warning Systems  
  • Evaluation of Crushing Technologies and Net Energy Required


Heat Tracing Services

  • Electric Heat Trace Design, Specifications & Construction Standards
  • Electric Heat Trace Design Optimizations
  • Insulation Design Optimization for TIC Heat Trace Cost Reductions
  • Electric Heat Trace Installation Inspection Services, Commissioning and Testing Services
  • Turnover Reviews and As-Built Packages



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